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//  Origin:  Edmonton, AB, Canada
//  Genres:  Folk pop
//  Years Active:  2018- Present
//  Website:
Short Bio
Silver linings, heartbreaks, and echoes of things long gone —
mightberea is an alias for Edmonton bilingual songstress Andrea Shipka. Her debut EP, “Atlas” is a nostalgic exploration of place and time, extremely prescient in a time when travel is indefinitely impossible. The EP is centred around three cinematic soundscapes, each themed on a particular city. Atlas was co-produced by Shipka and recorded at Royal Studio with Arnel Ethier and will be released as three singles in 2020.

"In a time when travel is practically impossible, mightberea takes you on a journey."

-Laura Freyaldenhoven

When the Horn Blows Magazine


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